Welcome to Shiny, Inc.

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Photo credit: Eric Goldstein Design

You’re not an ordinary client, so why should you settle for an ordinary, by-the-book public relations group?

Shiny, Inc. is a boutique PR group specializing in extraordinary clients.  Authors, artists, concert halls, cybersecurity solution developers,  independent movie studios, non-profit organizations, medical providers— these are just some of the unique clients, each with their own special set of needs. Shiny, Inc. develops and manages distinctive PR campaigns tailored specifically to these unique clients, guaranteed to get them noticed when and where it matters most.

We have deep experience in the traditional and newer PR tactics, but we aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Our clients are one-of-a-kind, in fields that encourage creativity — so why not have some fun and create campaigns that reflect that?

Shiny, Inc. is all about helping you to stand out from the crowd.